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Systemic Intelligence

Sarah shares how we can access systemic intelligence, if we start listening to systems. Systems are a life force – they have a beginning, middle and end, a purpose, an evolutionary arc.

Organisationshave intrinsic cultural and operational dynamics that can either support or stifle the business, often referred to as 'system dynamics'. Understanding the most influential dynamic in a complex system of dynamics is important for executives and crucial for the leadership of a successful organisation.

As in nature, 'system dynamics' is optimal when there is 'flow'. The system is healthiest when the energy flows through unrestricted. Signs of a healthy system include people flourishing, ideas generating freely and effective problem solving with minimum interruption. Symptoms of an unhealthy system include constant disruptions, resistance and lethargy leading to chronic incapacitation.

The challenge in identifying and documenting 'system dynamics' is that they are subtle and often not recognised at a conscious level. The 'unconscious' nature of system dynamics means that they are often more powerful than formally adopted mission or vision statements, permeating the very fabric of the business and impacting  decisions and actions, outside of our awareness.

Explore systemic intelligence

Sarah offers a number of ways to explore and harness the power of systemic intelligence. Firstly, she enables leaders and organisations to benefit from this highly leveraged platform to reveal different perspectives and new possibilities via her systemic consulting work. Sarah also helps interested leaders, and other consultants to develop a systemic lens via her systemic coaching.

Sarah also offers a pathway to learn about systemic intelligence, and develop deep skills with this approach.

Graduates of Sarah’s System Dynamics & Organisational Constellations Training course share their learnings and perspectives.

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