Moving Questions

Noemi from International Systemic Collective and Sarah Cornally from The Systemic Collective are partnering to bring you Siets Bakker, Author and Creator of Moving Questions. From the Netherlands to Australia, Siets will be presenting two workshops: a 2 day Moving Questions training and a 1 day workshop around the Moving Questions cards. You will receive a copy of the Moving Questions book and the Moving Questions cards.

Successful leaders and teams use information that you can’t see, but does exist. Information that brings movement. For every plan you make or decision you take, you require information. There are numerous types of information available, with lots of different sources. Most people use only the source providing rational, analytical information, information that is visible. Successful leaders and teams also use other information, tapped from a very different source, information that’s beyond the visible. When you add this information to your plans and decisions, you achieve your goals more easily because the information you now have is richer. Moving Questions give you easy access to this extra information.

Event Details

View the Eventbrite page for further information about the individual trainings, which can be attended separately or as a package.

Elise, an organisational psychologist and team coach, has offered her insights and experience of using Moving Questions. In the below video she shares how these pivotal questions have impacted her work and personal life.