Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

Drawing on a rich suite of real-life case studies from 30 years as a sought-after consultant, Sarah is a warm, accomplished speaker that takes her audience on a profound journey of discovery.

Take a look at the many topics on which Sarah provides thought-provoking and enriching presentations.

Speaking engagements


  • Australasian Constellation Intensive, speaking on ‘Guilt and innocence in organisations’
  • Systemic leadership summit, speaking on ‘Systems Intelligence in the Corporate Space


I presented at the following conferences in 2018.

  • Professional Speakers Association Conference, speaking on ‘System Dynamics – Dynamic Systems
  • Fundraising Institute of Australia Conference, speaking on ‘The potency of leadership in the not-for-profit environment
  • The Leadership Circle Summit, speaking on ‘Meta-systemic awareness – Understanding levels of conscience in organisations
  • OIR | NQ Injury Prevention and Return to Work Conference, speaking on ‘Leveraging your leadership in safety and return to work
  • Australasian Constellation Intensive, speaking on ‘Systemic structural constellations vs phenomenological constellations
  • Sydney Facilitators’ Network, speaking on ‘System dynamics and organisational constellations

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“Sarah takes the audience with her, and leaves people engaged and wanting more. She is always thought provoking, challenging and honest.”

Peter McLoughlin, former Managing Director CCA Australia