*SOLD OUT* Masterclass on Systemic Intelligence

Monday, Apr 26, 2021
– Monday, Jul 19, 2021

9:00am – 10:00am

Masterclass on Systemic Intelligence

is to awaken and deepen conscious awareness to your systemic intelligence.

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Together, myself and Siets are inviting you to create a space where we can explore and expand with you what it means to live from your systemic intelligence. You will also analyse how to include it in everything you do (personally and professionally) and to engage in the flow of life.

This is learning by living it, in a small community that is inviting spacious and generative.

We will do this within the flow of life in an effortless playful and meaningful way so we expand our ways of knowing and listening to what is being called for. With this awareness we can make wise choices in leading ourselves, our families, our businesses and in the world.

Our Masterclass is set at a strict limit of only 12 participants.

As a participant you will benefit from the unique opportunity to partner with myself and Siets to co-create a session. Together we will provide the systemic guidance and mentoring for you to co-create the experience using systemic intelligence. Rest assured that minimal preparation will be required. You can be relaxed and trust in what will emerge.

Masterclass on Systemic Intelligence Session Themes:

  • SYSTEMS | Session 1:   12th April 2021 9am-10am AEST 

Developing systemic intelligence can be overwhelming. Suddenly everything seems to be a pattern, there’s systems everywhere and there’s also just a job to be done. In this first session we’ll dive into how to navigate through all of this.

  • SOURCES | Session 2:   26th April 2021 9am-10am AEST

Systems flourish when everything is included. The most forgotten part is the source where the now originated from. In the beginning of the series we’ll talk about how to include sources without putting them in the centre of the present moment.

  • PAST / LOYALTIES | Session 3:   10th May 2021 9am-10am AEST

Systems are in integrity when everything that belongs is part of the system and everything that does not belong is excluded. Things from the past can reach into the present and create disturbances in the present. We will explore noticing entanglements created due to unconscious loyalties and how to disentangle and move forward.

  • PARENTS | Session 4:   24th May 2021 9am-10am AEST

In the classic systemic approach parents, especially the mother, take a central position in a person’s wellbeing. In this session we’ll dive into this theme: how much of it is true? How does this position change as we grow older? What intelligent choices can you make?

  • LEADERSHIP | Session 5:   7th June 2021 9am-10am AEST

Systemic leadership enhances the flow of energy through a system serving the system’s purpose. It creates the conditions for everyone to be able to fulfil their roles and release the energy they bring to the system both from the inside and outside. We will explore ways to create the conditions for leadership to be liberated using systemic principles.

  • STRUCTURES | Session 6:   21st June 2021 9am-10am AEST

Our brains are programmed to live in a world of structure and routine. We see this reflected in the way systems function best as well. In today’s world, where we are part of many more systems than ever before, the need for structure seems to increase. In this session we’ll explore how to create structures that create movement and health.

  • MONEY| Session 7:   5th July 2021 9am-10am AEST

All previous learnings come together in this session. Money is the perfect indicator that lets you know how well you can apply your systemic intelligence in your daily life. There’s just no reason to live with less money than you need when you understand this.

  • ENDINGS| Session 8:   19th July 2021 9am-10am AEST

The basic economic principles are aiming for growth and continuation. In the systemic logic being able to end things well, and therefore release the energy that’s being stored, is crucial. We conclude this series on how to create the best endings, which acts as a foundation for the next new beginning.

In addition to the support of this intimate virtual community, every session will be recorded so that if you miss a session or want to revisit a learning opportunity, you will be able to view that session later.

We are each an expert in our individual areas of system intelligence, you will reap the benefits of their knowledge, insights and depth of experiences.

Expression of Interest – If you’d like to be notified of the next Masterclass event click here!

About Sarah Cornallymailto:
Sarah Cornally is a frontier rider and catalyst for transformation. Sarah has academic qualifications in behavioural, biological and engineering sciences, as well as organisational behaviour, industrial relations and leadership. She is internationally trained in both Family and Organisational Systemic Constellations and Systemic Structural Constellations. She is passionate about knowledge becoming applied wisdom in organisations. Sarah is teaching the next generation of leaders through her creation of the System Dynamics & Organisational Constellations course. More about Sarah visit

About Siets Bakker
Siets Bakker is a forerunner in the field of applied systemic work. Siets is trained to facilitate family and organizational constellations but is much more interested in finding practical ways to apply systemic knowledge to everyday life. She is the author of ‘Unlocking systemic wisdom’ and ‘Moving Questions’. Both books help the reader to apply systemic knowledge in everyday life. More about Siets visit

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