System Dynamics & Organisational Constellations Training 2024 – LIMITED PLACES AVAILABLE

Monday, Oct 2, 2023
– Friday, Sep 27, 2024

8:30am – 5:30pm

System Dynamics & Organisational Constellations Training 2024


Are you searching for new frontiers to enable your business or clients to thrive, and adeptly navigate complexity, change and challenges using systemic intelligence? If yes, you are invited to participate in a unique opportunity – a 10-month training course in system dynamics and organisational constellations, incorporating the most potent practices and methodologies to mobilise organisational systemic intelligence.

For those with the consciousness, curiosity and willingness, this training requires a leap, both personally and professionally, and offers a highly leveraged platform for revealing different perspectives and new possibilities. The course is unique in Australia, and is designed to be undertaken by open minded and curious executives, experienced organisational development practitioners and executive coaches interested in an expanded perspective and offering.

While system dynamics is a growing methodology in Europe and the US, it’s relatively newly emerging in the Australian business context. Sarah Cornally is committed to bringing this work to Australian organisations and fostering a group of perceptive and skilful professionals and consultants to steward this work in the Asia Pacific region.

Are you one of these consultants? Are you looking to move beyond your current repertoire and step into the rich opportunities that become possible when you know how to work with systemic intelligence and system dynamics?

What to Expect in the Program

The training program will cover a number of areas aimed at equipping you with a sophisticated theoretical framework, personal development, and practical professional skills. Key elements include:

  1. Understanding systems intelligence and developing a systemic perspective
  2. Learning basic theory, processes and techniques that are used for systemic interventions, including constellations as well as many other forms for organisational settings
  3. Experiencing systemic principles in action to understand how they apply in your life and work
  4. Exploring the myriad of ways this may present in your personal, and professional contexts and how to select approaches to respond
  5. Developing your own authentic way of engaging with this work that respects and includes your history, what strengths you bring from the range of systems you have emerged from and what biases or blind spots you will need to be mindful of
  6. Creating a bridge between this work and the world of clients

The level of consciousness of the practitioner, their inner attitude and capacity for systemic perception make the difference in practice.

The group will be small enough for everyone to get individual attention to support their learning, development and practice.

The majority of the time will be in experiential learning doing practical activities.

Learning Goals

  1. Develop an expanded capacity for applying systems awareness and competence in organisations and business
  2. Develop a systemic way of seeing to apply in organisational development, coaching, consulting and professional practice
  3. Learn how to facilitate organisational constellations
  4. See and manage your own systemic dynamics
  5. Synthesise current professional practices with the systemic view
  6. Participate in a community of practitioners to support each other, enhance your practice and steward this work in Australia.


  • Program Application Fee $800 (excl. GST)
  • Program Training Fee $7,200 (excl. GST) – available up until program start date

The program includes optional practice days. Module 1 practice day is included in the Program Training Fee. Additional ‘in person’ practice days throughout Modules 2 – 4 will be invoiced at $130 (excl GST), based on attendance.

Sarah will facilitate this training as a blended learning program leveraging in-person workshops and virtual zoom sessions.

Register your interest now, email to Leanne Imbro

Why System Dynamics?

Having applied systemic work with many clients’ situations, Sarah has repeatedly seen how it is a potent and practical way to access systems intelligence that allows us to leverage our capacity to navigate complexity and ambiguity. By revealing dynamics that are often hidden from our view – and yet material in their effect – we are equipped with new awareness and expanded capacity to respond.

Attending an intensive in Mexico Gunthard Weber, the founder of organisational constellations said “Organisational Constellation work needs to come more into the hands of business consultants for it to develop and become sustainable. It’s not easy to adapt to the business world. It needs good people who understand both this work and the organisational system with ideas on how to develop it so it works well in the organisational context.”

There is a growing interest within organisations to use this work. Sarah’s aim is to develop a community of practitioners in Australia who can steward this work in organisations. 

How can Systemic work help within an organisation?

  1. Common symptoms including; low morale, losing strength, lack of or poor leadership, not achieving goals, high/too low rate of turnover, conflicts, lack of purpose/clarity/focus/action/direction, burn out, entitlement, unreasonable demands, overburdened roles, distrust and rebelliousness.
  1. Possible issues; 
    • Traps in the organisational structure that cause problems with roles, co-ordination and communication, unresolvable conflicts 
    • Leadership challenges; not taking up leadership fully, overburdened leaders, hidden leaders, surrogate leaders, repeat patterns in roles independent of who is in them, too much/little people turnover
    • Cultural issues; engagement, psychological safety, trust, resistance to change, negating innovation, lack of acknowledgement, failure to take responsibility, forming coalitions and triangulations, exclusions, entitlement, arrogance and rebellion
    • Financial issues; leaking or blocked finances, too much or too little turnover, revenue, expenses, cost blowouts, embezzlement, fraud
    • Marketing issues; emerging products, bringing in new products, retiring old products, visibility, pricing, branding.
  1. Indications of Systemic Issues;
    • A problem is recognised but difficult to describe precisely and is still more difficult to identify the causes
    • Several people have a completely different explanation of the problem each from their own perspective
    • There have been many attempts to address the issue/s and they have all failed ultimately
    • People speak about a ‘issue/disease’ in the organisation without being able to specify it.

Event Location

Blended Training Program – Virtual and In-Person

Event Fees

Program Training Fee (excl GST)
AUD 7200.00