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Executive Coaching

Break-through thinking is needed when leaders are facing challenge, disruption and complexity. Sarah works alongside executives and leadership teams to help them transform their thinking, which allows them to fulfil their purpose and organisational potential.

When coaching clients, Sarah is interested in:

  • The context of their situation
  • The challenges they are facing
  • The purpose for the coaching
  • What they have tried so far
  • What is limiting them in their leadership effectiveness?
  • The outcome(s) they are seeking from the coaching experience - business, team, personal or career outcomes
  • What is missing now, and if it were present would make them a far more effective leader?

Case Study
A client was promoted to a premium role; a gateway to fast-track their career progression. While this leader had strong potential, feedback from peers and the team identified an ‘undermining quality’ to their leadership, that could be career limiting. Working together our goal was to ‘nail that’ - to really come to grips with and wrestle with what was creating that undermining effect. After phase one of the coaching assignment was completed the client commented:

"You always gave me new insights that meant I could appreciate the situation and get immediate feedback on how best to address what was not working well for me. And at each stage, just when I thought I’d got all the answers I needed, you’d propel me that little bit further and I’d find there was even more I could leverage in improving the quality of my leadership”

After the client was promoted he re-engaged for phase 2 which was to assist him with his transition process into the CEO role to keep the momentum created by the prior CEO and advance the business into its next strategic challenge.

Clients say:
You force me to slow down and think about the things that I need to think about and understand, and then I’m able to act on things differently, because I know the impact of the way I behave.

You’ve made me face the reality I was avoiding – and now that I’ve faced it, I have a realsitic perspective of how to deal with it – sometimes I may not like what I have to deal with, but I can deal with it effectively. It’s getting easier.

Before coaching I found some aspects of being a leader highly time intensive and frustrating. After working with Sarah, I now understand what she meant by leadership leverage. I now experience less stress and actually enjoy the challenges of being a leader because I am better equipped. I can step back and see things with greater perspective and therefore act more wisely. I am using the people I lead better and they are also developing.

To engage Sarah Cornally for executive coaching, please contact her EA on email or telephone 02 9801 0659 to arrange a meeting.

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