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Complex Issues Resolution

Complex issues emerge within all industries, with potential for substantial commercial and social costs. Yet complex issues also provide developmental opportunities for the people within the organisation, as well as business opportunities for growth and purpose. Leaders benefit from someone with systemic eyes alongside them as they grapple with understanding and resolving complexity, and as they face the even more complex future that’s rushing towards us.

"Resolving complex, intractable issues requires break-through thinking. Facing harsh truths with courage, character, and curiosity leads to commercial upsides for both the short and long term."

Sarah Cornally

Sarah works alongside leaders as they walk through the fire of navigating complex and seemingly intractable issues. Often described as being ‘an iron fist in a velvet glove’, Sarah is known for challenging leaders with profound break-through thinking, while bringing compassion and humanity combined with a resolute focus on commercial realities. Sarah works with executives to enable them to be comfortable with ambiguity, to develop broader and deeper perspectives that open up otherwise unrealised possibilities, and to courageously step into wise leadership.

Sarah's capacity to deal with complexity and focus on the key people and commercial issues, position her as a trusted board and executive advisor.

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