Top 10 Levers for Leadership Effectiveness

1. Know yourself

Consider every experience an opportunity to gain insights about yourself and your leadership.

2. Know the purpose of your leadership

Are you pursuing a passion to achieve something that meets a need, something that matters deeply to you and the others on your team?

3. Know your domain holistically

Have you actively been searching for reality without pre-judgement, or a version of reality that pleases you?

4. Create clarity and focus

Have you explained the concept, so your people understand from their point of view?

5. Ensure capability

Have you faced the truth about the talents and abilities of the people you require?

6. Be fully present

Are you 100% present with people when they are with you? Do you listen to what they say and understand what they mean?

7. Ensure alignment

Do you know and meet the needs of the people you are leading, so they are free to give their best? Are you an embodiment of the values in everything that you do and the things you say?

8. Establish and maintain the standards

Do people know what the standards are? Are you respected for your standards?

9. Build bridges

Do you respect and honour the different talents and contributions of yourself and your people? Build bridges of understanding so they can succeed in areas you already know and they can give you the insights they have that you need.

10. Face reality and deal with what you find

Do you realise that whatever results you are getting is evidence of your leadership? Leaders take full responsibility for the results.

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Published: December 2013