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Systemic Consulting

Sarah is renowned for the potency she brings in mapping and understanding system dynamics. Sarah regularly works with individuals and organisations to review alternatives, seek clarity and gain perspective, create alignment, provide insight, resolve confusion, and create healing.

Through Sarah’s systemic consulting, she first helps create an awareness of the system, and the relationships between the elements in the system. This allows you then to achieve significant, positive change by creating flow across the system. An example is team dynamics – by listening, attuning and responding to the collective conscience, it dramatically shifts teams from conflict and tension, to alignment and performance. It’s an exciting outcome that can have not just a significant organisational benefit, but deeply satisfying personal benefits to those involved as well. When we let the system do the talking, we see where the key points of leverage are. And rather than making ourselves superior to the system, we’re more in partnership with it.

Contact Sarah if you would like to discuss how systemic consulting could benefit your organisation.

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