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Systemic Coaching

Are you searching for new frontiers to enable your business or clients to thrive, and adeptly navigate complexity and change? Sarah’s systemic coaching develops powerful break-through thinking for teams and individuals.

Through systemic coaching you will learn to understand and tap into systemic intelligence, which allows you to go into any situation and be comfortable not knowing what’s going to happen next, because you have a process that is robust and flexible enough to help find the answers. It’s an incredibly relevant way of illuminating obstacles that impede the best-laid plans, and showing a path forward, whether in small business, large corporates or personal life.

From a systemic perspective, being able to listen to and read the system’s symptoms enables you to provide interventions that act as impulses for the system to come into alignment, or potentially they can be generative impulses that move it forward, or even more intriguing active transformational impulses that invite a new future.

Via either team or individual coaching, with an emphasis on collective dialogues, Sarah can help you gain profound and different perspectives when it comes to issues like unconscious bias or guilt and innocence in the workplace, the collective conscious, navigating ambiguous challenges, understanding resistant or recurring issues, and organisational dysfunction.

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