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System Dynamics

Organisations have intrinsic cultural and operational dynamics that can either support or stifle the business, often referred to as 'system dynamics'. Understanding the most influential dynamic in a complex system of dynamics is important for executives and crucial for the leadership of a successful organisation.

As in nature, 'system dynamics' is optimal when there is 'flow'. The system is healthiest when the energy flows through unrestricted. Signs of a healthy system include people flourishing, ideas generating freely and effective problem solving with minimum interruption. Symptoms of an unhealthy system include constant disruptions, resistance and lethargy leading to chronic incapacitation.

The challenge in identifying and documenting 'system dynamics' is that they are largely informal and often not recognised at a conscious level. The 'unconscious' nature of system dynamics means that they are often more powerful than formally adopted mission or vision statements, permeating the very fabric of the business and guiding every decision and action.

Sarah is renowned for the potency she brings in mapping and understanding system dynamics. Her methods encourage individuals and organisations to review alternatives, seek clarity and gain perspective, create alignment, provide insight, resolve confusion, and create healing.

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