Covid as an Evolutionary Force to our Human System

Wednesday, Aug 12, 2020

12:00pm – 1:00pm

Covid is a graphic illustration of systemic forces and how rapidly they can travel through a system. We are living in a systemic field experiencing VUCA in action. We are all part of the system and cannot avoid being part of the experience. How we understand our part and influence in the system will determine our experience and contribution to our emerging future.

We can see the systemic forces and how they play out at the personal, collective and universal level. There are 4 systemic principles – leading principles, belonging, orders and exchange. Covid is bringing these into sharp focus so we can see them clearly. In this dialogue we will explore the different levels of systemic forces and how to work with the systemic principles individually and collectively.

In this interactive discussion with Sarah Cornally, we will explore and discuss the following coaching considerations:

• How do I notice and attend to the systemic forces for myself?
• What am I for the system? What is the system activating in me?
• How do I notice and inquire into the systemic forces at play for my client?
• What is my client for the system? What is the system activating in my client?
• What is the source of the systemic impulses? How can they be well met?

If this is more than we can cover in the time we will co-create what is a meaningful exploration of these ideas to begin with. And if it generates the interest to explore more, we will create further opportunities for that.

Stay online after the session to chat and network with fellow participants.

This event is hosted by the Association for Coaching with Sarah Cornally as guest speaker.
Attendees will receive a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) certificate (1 CPD) at the end of the program. 

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